Mindset is everything

I was always fortunate, or actually…
I had a tough childhood. My parents weren’t rich and they were always working hard. It didn’t give them much time for me and my brothers. There was always discipline in my home, I needed to be back home at a specific time, despite my friends still playing outside. I had to obey the rules and I was told that when I’m a grown-up I’ll be my boss in my own home.
So I won’t complain too much I can say, that family was always important, we were often meeting all our relatives, and on top of that, I’ve learnt that you can always depend on your family and they can depend on you.
What had the biggest influence on my mindset was my upbringing within the scouting organization environment. My parents were very involved scouting instructors and somehow I was always the giver, carer and helper. It was of course selfless devotion to the cause and others.
You might guess I could never build wealth or success. Well… not for myself! It was always okay to build it for others, work hard and never ask for more.

I called it “a mindset of looser”. Just imagine a teenager who’s smart, bright and effective but the reward always goes to someone else. I was screaming insight!

As I was smart, a good observer, a great listener, and had the desire to grow and prosper, so I started to notice what achievers had in common. It took me quite some time to use this knowledge, as the first time I stood up for myself in my professional life was when I was 24, and already had my degree, but it was a tipping point!

Can you relate? Do you see the injustice in life and business? Do feel that you’re missing out despite your qualification, the work you put in, and your effectiveness?
Well, I tell you something you might not like! It’s not an injustice! It’s a law!

We don’t get in life what we deserve! We get in life what we believe we can get!

That is the mindset I’m talking about! That was an object of my study when I didn’t know what personal development is and what a life coach does. I was more into spirituality, which was more in line with my victim and looser mindset. Just to clarify, I’m still a very spiritual person, just without the victim stigma.
What came out to be helpful was meditation and hypnosis. I saw how powerful the human mind is, and how we can change ourselves by using those powerful tools. Step by step, with a greater understanding of the mindset and the human mind I started to work on myself, and eventually help others.

You need a breakthrough and then a breakout!

Discovering and applying! That’s the key to progress in life!
I did it, my clients did it, and many other people did it!

Mindset actually is everything! with the right mindset, you have the strength to change your life, follow through, and grow. Moreover, you keep on coming back for more and learning more.
Now I study the mindset of successful professional athletes (including Olympic and world champions), successful entrepreneurs, or people who came back from lovest low to wealth and fulfilment, to know more about mindset and its power.
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