About Coach Michal Miodonski

What you need to know about coach Michal Miodonski is that he dedicated his life to uplifting others. He's a coach, mentor and friend. Start your journey with coach Michal today, and fulfilment will follow.

Who is Michal Miodonski?

When you meet coach Michal Miodonski you might have the impression that he is a bit distant. Please don’t be mistaken by this impression. He just knows, that this meeting is all about you and to give you the best service he “learns you” – how you act, move, react, and respond.

He is a warm and empathic person who knows, that what you say you want is not necessarily what’s good for you, therefore you don’t really want it but you don’t see it yet, and he’s going to give you what you can benefit from. In his work, there is no patting on the back but going straight to the point. Michal believes you came to him for results and Michal is going to mentor and coach you towards your success.

The list of Michal’s qualifications is long, but the most important will be his Master’s degree in Sports with his research on what triggers motivation to choose a specific sport’s discipline. Additional courses on personal development, psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, clinical hypnosis, life coaching and business coaching give him all resources needed to lead you to success.

In his career, coach Michal Miodonski works with clients from various professions, including professional athletes, of all ages (the oldest lady was 92 years old!), various countries and with different backgrounds. He works 1to1 with his clients, and teaches small and medium groups as well as from a stage.

It’s worth mentioning, that Michal’s work and life were always related to sports and a healthy lifestyle. Self-motivation, discipline, strategic planning, analyzing results, constant learning and perfecting in perfect balance with fun, joy, nature and mindfulness.

Working with Michal is quite interesting. He will push your boundaries to the limit and beyond, tell you off, point out all the things you could have done better, and give you good reasons why you haven’t done it and what beliefs are stopping you. He might take you through scary traumatic events in your life and show you, how they were holding you back and how they will empower you from now on. He will lead you through your deepest desire and help you to see your purpose.

Coach Michal Miodonski is looking forward to working with you! His biggest goal is to make this world a better place and he does it – one person at a time!

Coach Michal Miodonski standing with open arms, ready to mentor you through a life transition and in moments of doubt. An honest smile on his face assures you, that you can succeed and achieve all your goals.


JT Foxx about coach Michal Miodonski

After working personally with JT Foxx in 2019 and 2020, here’s what he said about my work, results and the direction Coach Michal Miodonski is heading.
Although he doesn’t work directly with JT anymore, he’s learned a lot at that point of his career and keeps moving forward to positively influence more lives.

No. 1 secret to Coach Michal’s effectiveness: privacy & discretion!

People are recording everything and everywhere. We are surrounded by cameras in a gym, pub, or shop! It’s like being on a reality show!

What my clients prefer is discretion. It happens, that some of my clients keep the fact they are working with a coach a secret, and it’s okay! We have a right to keep to ourselves what we do, and coach Michal respects it. Actually, for him, it’s one of the key values in his work.
It is normal, that while going through a transition in life and while dealing with high-stress levels, we must let out all our “demons” and the darkest thought. Therefore we need an environment of total trust and acceptance. That is exactly the environtment Coach Michal Miodonski creats for his clients.

Letting go will set you free!

Letting go comes from awareness. As soon as you discover what is holding you back and prevents you from being the best version of yourself you can act upon it. You can decide on what you want to replace it with. Yes, our old beliefs and paradigms that stop us from thriving must be replaced, or we can say updated, to effective and joyful versions. Despite the strange trend of sharing everything with word, you might want to keep it privet, like majority of Michal’s clients.
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