Mindset is everythig!

Who are you when nobody’s watching?

When I work with my clients I often start by leading them through a discovery of their true life vision. This vision is a simple and short statement of what they really want to do – their purpose in life.
Of course, I have discovered my purpose too. More than that – I live it!

My life vision is to support as many people as possible in living an aware and meaningful life full of love, abundance and joy.

I believe there’s no more explanation needed. The only thing I would like to add is an invitation!
Despite your current situation, where you are personally, professionally, your social status, background or beliefs, if you only feel, that I might be part of your life and have a positive effect on it, feel free to get in touch.
I work with my clients directly 1to1, teach on courses and events, and’m on social media where I spread positive energy and practical life hacks. You can find your best way of working with me.

Your Time is Now!

Your time is now! If you are waiting for a sign, this is it. Time is too valuable, and your future is too bright to waste any moment. Act and start seeing your results. If you do not take the time to work on creating a life that you want, eventually you will be left to deal with a life you do not want. I like to say, that if the ‘right time’ is not now, we’ll be putting things off, and we will never take action. Therefore, “it is always the right time”. The worst that can happen is that nothing will change and you’ll get more experience.

Over time, I have realised that I get motivated at night when I self-reflect on myself before I go to sleep. I pride myself on the things I have achieved so far. I think of things I dislike about myself and things I really want to change. However, the next day when I wake up, taking action is not as easy as thinking of it and planning it.

At times when I felt least motivated and careless, I realise how important it is to ask myself yourself:

“What am I waiting for?”
“What am I afraid of?”
“Who’s holding me back?”

What’s great about those question is that the answer was always there!
I’m sure in your case is the same. You are the only person holding yourself back from achieving greatness. I help overcome this fear that you have in you and help you start believing in yourself. You will learn what you really need and how to overcome your setbacks. The greatest enemy you have is yourself. Self-destructive behaviour can run deep however, it is not an endless pit; there is a solution. You can learn techniques that help you overcome self-sabotage and with motivation, you will become fearful, empowered, and successful. 

My mission starts and ends with your mindset!

It is all about your mindset. It will either be your biggest motivator or strongest setback. Your mindset is your mental outlook, and it is what either helps or hinders your performance. Remember that you do not need talent or look a certain way to discover your powerful mentality. Yes, we can take elite athletes of successful executives and business owners, and put ourselves down knowing, that we will never reach their level of achievements, however, it is not about where they are on their journey. It is about where you are and where you want to get. Reaching your goals can be equally progressive to those high achievers you look up to.

Common sense is defined as “sound judgment derived from experience rather than study.” The more experiences we have, the more common sense we will have. Looking through a mindset perspective, working with me will help you get fit physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

It is human nature to try to benefit from everything without giving much, empowerment is all about the balance of productivity and effort with flexibility that comes after, however, as human beings, we do not tend to stick to the script. Finding the common sense to stay physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually fit will leave you empowered.